NYC Photo Stroll

Exhibition № 1: Community

Exhibited at RAM Gallery
Sponsored by Art Cafe + Bar
884 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY

Artist Catalog

Aaron Frey

Wangsimni Eviction, Home


Alex Balansay

Beach Birds


Alex Zarnoski

Save Our Supermarket


Alexandra Matri Aiello

Bouncy House


Andrew Bisdale

Vinotok Festival


Andrew Harrington

Invitation (1/2)


Andrew Loane

Hand, holding hand

Anna Katarina



Anne Capua

Gather Around


Anurag Papolu

Tour de Queens


Austin Nix

Swerve City


Chelsea Phou


Christopher Kammerud



Claudia Vader

Lover's Bridge


Daniel Milgram

Band in Bruges

Edanur Hardal

Après-Ski Elegance

Erin Selsemeyer

The Army Career Center

Eve Wong

Canal Commerce


Huayu Ouyang

Coney Island Celebration


JP Wojciechowski

Halloween in the Village


Jesse Warner

Fall Picnic


Jon Bilous



Jonathan Rose

Fates Entwined


Karthik Chandrasekariah



Kristen Ghiraldi

Le Consulat


Lam Lai

"i love u, ur gorgeous"


Marcos Hokanson

Gathering at Dusk

Mark Shawhan

Balloons and Bubbles

Matt Baer

Super Saturday


Michael Andre Gigl

Sunday in the Park with cards


Michael Kononenko

Manhattan from Paulus Hook


Mihnea Lucian Udrea

Clouds Rolling Over Santa Teresa Beach


Muntashir Hossain

Bridge Bikers

Mónica Lozano Gutiérrez

Time Changes


Pierre-Antoine Frotte

31 degrees

Peter Alegre

Jamais Vu


Purna Venugopalan



Ruben Romero

Grocery Shopping at Union Square



Wednesday Snowstorm


Steevenson Jean Louis

The Embracing the Joys of Everyday Life


Stephen Cummings

Afternoon, Fort Tryon Park, NY


Steve Blitz

Gossip Girls


Tahmid Alam



Thomas Brunoli



Tyler Simnick

De Notre Terre à votre Table


Venkatesh Ellaboina


Zahin Ali

La Spezia



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