NYC Photo Stroll


NYC Community Photowalk (@nycphotostroll) is a meetup and social group for New York City-area photographers. We organize our own photo­walks around NYC, support each other's work, and stay in touch via group chat.

This meetup was formed in June 2022, by and for NYC-area photographers. We're open and inclusive to all. Feel free to attend one of our events, and bring your friends!

How it works

The focus of our group is a bi-weekly photowalk that happens on a weekend, somewhere in the city. Here, we get to meet each other, have a casual walk with photos along the way, and grab food and drinks at the end.

Anyone who attends a photowalk is then welcome to join our WhatsApp group chat. This is a place for us all to hang out between events, as well as coordinate real-life hang outs, such as critique nights, gallery visits, etc.

Our Instagram account, @nycphotostroll, is where you'll find a shareable poster for our next event, plus photos from members of the group and on our walks.


As an open group, we welcome contributions from anyone who wants to do more than attend — whether that's planning events, researching a route, designing a poster, or working on projects like our zine.

Reach out anytime to our organizers in the group chat or at an official event to chat more.


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